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Local Committee Krems

LC Krems is AMSA’s first English-German bilingual LC, and AMSA’s youngest local committee, formed recently during the 2017/2018 term and made an official LC in March 2018. Having grown exponentially in the past years, we are now a buzzing and active committee and have set up an Achtung°Liebe team, and Aufbildung Gegen Tabak (Education Against Tabacco) program as well as the first ever Teddybär Krankenhaus Krems as recently as the 2019/2020 Term! Other core projects of our LC include House vs. Prof, Boxmas and of course our SCOPE and SCORE programs, both teams of which work tirelessly to help our students discover the world, while making sure world-wide incomings enjoy everything that Lower Austria has to offer! The past few years as a part of the AMSA community have taught us that the sky is the limit, and we are always looking to build ourselves up and expand our projects!

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Want to get active? In Krems too you can get involved starting in your first semester, and join projects such as „achtung°liebe“, „Aufklärung gegen Tabak“, „Grips statt Chips“ or „Teddybärkrankenhaus“! We can’t wait to change the world with you and involve you in projects that help our community with regards to important and valuable health-related topics, whild giving you the opportunity to learn about medicine, people, and yourself!

You’re now more motivated than ever to join AMSA? You are a student in Krems? Then reach out to us by email, Facebook or instagram or just walk up to us at University!
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Local President (LP):
Alex Bliem

Local Exchange Coordinator (LEC):
Sare Balli (In), Laurenz Pescher (Out)

Local Officer on Medical Education (LOME):
Frederik Pescher

Local Officer on Human Rights & Peace (LORP):
Florian Watzinger

Local Public Health Officer (LPO):
Elisa Pötz

Local Media Officer (LMO):
Marc Grüninger

Local Officer on Research Exchange (LORE):
aktuell unbesetzt

Local Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights incl. HIV & AIDS (LORA): Constanze Melnitzky

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Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems an der Donau

AMSA Krems