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=Students who are received on exchange somewhere.

We as AMSA Austria offer both unilateral and bilateral clinical exchanges with other medical schools that are participating in the Exchange Program of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA).

The aim of our exchanges is to offer medical students all over the world the opportunity of a four week internship in a department of their interest or the possibility of joining a research project over the course of 4 weeks.

Additionally to a full involvement in everyday clinical life during the clerkship and training of not only theoretical but practical skills, we are offering our newly implemented Educational Program with workshops to ensure the best Academic Quality outcome possible in our Exchange Program. Furthermore a Social Program is organized every month and includes at least a Welcome Dinner, the International Food and Drinks Party and a Farewell Dinner. To this, we like to add some visits in museums or touristy sightseeing paired with outdoor activities and great gatherings with us. In July and August we have a United Social Program prepared for you, where you get to meet all the other exchange students in Austria and enjoy an unforgettable Weekend!

Right now we have five medical faculties that are part of our Exchange Program, which you´ll find below.


“As soon as the exchange started, I knew I would have an amazing time here in Graz”
Robert, Lebanon
“Austria for me was the “antidepressant” you cannot read about in pharmacology books.”
Ardis, Latvia


“Education, Research and Patient Care – Together to the Peak” This is the motto for which the Medical University of Graz is known for. The faculty of medicine at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz was established in 1863 by Franz Joseph I.. In 2004 the former faculty became an independent university with more than 4000 students. On the 8th of October in 2012, the Medical University of Graz became the first university in Austria to celebrate a White Coat Ceremony of its third-year students. All exchange students will do their internship at the University Hospital of Graz.


With a long tradition the Medical University of Innsbruck (in German: Medizinische Universität Innsbruck) used to be one of the four historical faculties of the Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck in 1562, but became an independent university in 2004. In the heart of the Alps, the Medical University of Innsbruck provides the best conditions for not only successful research but also for successful studies and teaching in an attractive location. The main objectives of the Medical University of Innsbruck are to provide top quality teaching and training, world-class research and continuous advancements in top-flight medicine. The clinics are located at the Provincial Hospital (‘Tiroler Landeskrankenhaus’).


The Medical University of Vienna (MUV) was established in 1365, and has a distinguished international reputation for excellent education, research, and patient care spanning 650 years. MUV is one of the oldest establishments for medical training and research in Europe, producing four Nobel Laureates and introducing groundbreaking scientific discoveries, including fundamentals in allergology and artificial organ transplantation. MUV’s primary objective is to promote the advancement of medical science through the use, education, and investigation of evidence-based mechanisms for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of diseases. All medical students will do their internship at the university clinic, the Vienna General Hospital (Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien).


The medical faculty is the youngest of 4 faculties at the Johannes Kepler University and was established in 2014. The Kepler University Hospital is the 2nd largest hospital in Austria. The Med Campus III (which holds most departments) and IV (Pediatrics, pediatric surgery, OB/GYN) are located right next to the Med Campus I where the lectures take place. The Neuromed-Campus is located at a different location.


The Karl Landsteiner University is Krems was founded in 2013. It is Austrias only medical university which offers lectures in English. Only 110 students get accepted each year. So the university is quite small - just like the pretty city itself. There are three main teaching hospitals, however you will be doing your exchange in Krems itself. The hospital has 12 clinical departments and is very important for the regional health care.  


The university structure of the Paracelcus Medical University was initially based on Mayo Medical School (Minnesota, USA) and still enjoys a close collaboration with this renowned partner among others such as Yale, Prague and Cambridge. Research, teaching and patient care are the fundamentals, on which the university has been built on and have the highest priority within the institute. With 5 main institutes and – till now – 14 research institutes, one research center and eight research programs, an excellent research experience for medical students is guaranteed.

Social Program

Each City has their own Social Program. Normally we always have a Welcome Dinner and a National Food and Drinks Party for our Incoming students! During July, August and September we try to organise National Social Program as well!

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